Saturday, December 10, 2011

2011 Holiday Fishing on the Salmon River

What a year! The mild temperatures of November created some outstanding fishing on the Salmon River. The much needed rains allowed the release of water to draw in some fresh fish after Thanksgiving, which means the steelhead fishing should be solid through the winter months.

The water temps, as of this writing are hovering around the 40 degree mark, depending where you are in the river, and what time of day.

Usually, steelhead fishing has that "magical" time-- just after sunrise, and just before sunset.  This time of year, one should add "Mid Afternoon" to that list. Oftentimes, the temperatures peak at mid-afternoon causing a few lethargic steelhead to come alive and take the offering.

We tend to scale back to six or four pound flourocarbon line and size 10 or 12 egg flies this time of year. Almost all of our fishing is under a float or indicator during this time.  In a few short weeks, stone flies will be seen on the snowy banks, and we'll start a new method of fishing for the Salmon River Steelhead.

A conservation and responsible tip for this time of year-- Avoid holding your catch out of the water during extremely cold, winter months, as you can freeze it's gills. Have your camera on and focused, and if you need a "hero shot" make it a single picture. The fish will thank you, and a safe, responsible release ensures the future of our fishery!

Happy Holidays!
Lori & Neil


  1. Lori and Neil,
    I love it!!!
    You should put some trips together. Come up with a package deal of lodging, food, guiding, etc...

  2. Congratulations! I am so impressed with your blogspot! I would love to come and fish for a weekend. I agree with David, you should put a package together! Again, great job! Love, MoMo